May 9, 2018 – GNT Bike

May 9, 2018 – GNT Bike

Bike/Run brick 

This week our bike workout will include a short run following the ride.

The weather has been unpredictable the past few weeks, but if possible try to get this workout done outside. There is no substitute for riding outside and working on your bike handling skills.

Warm up:

Make sure you complete the full bike warmup found at


Single leg pedaling 3×30 seconds each leg (only perform if doing workout on a trainer)

Main Set:

45 minutes of continuous riding at a comfortable pace.

During the 45 minutes aim for 4, one-minute intervals where you push the pace. A gradual hill is a great place to do this.

Immediately following the 45 minutes on the bike, transition to your running gear and run 20 minutes at a comfortable pace. The first few minutes (or longer!) are going to feel uncomfortable but this is normal. Keep your turnover high and stay light on your feet. Try to minimize your transition time into running shoes to mimic race-like conditions.

Cool Down:

5-10 minutes in an EASY gear

Notes: If you tend to ride in a higher gear and a low cadence, gear down to an easier gear as you get ready to come into your transition and spin at a higher cadence. This will help you feel more comfortable as you transition to the run. This workout is also a great opportunity to practice your race day nutrition. Be sure to stay hydrated on the bike and if needed take a energy gel towards the end of your bike. Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you need raceday nutrition advice!