May 11, 2018 – GNT Run

May 11, 2018 – GNT Run


Todays run workout is another progression run. This means you start easy and gradually build up your speed towards the end. This type of run allows you to gain some of the physiological benefits of running at race pace without much of the fatigue associated with doing lots of intervals at that pace.

Start with the traditional run warmup, make sure you get in some of the high knees, butt kickers, skips, etc..


5 sets:

5 broad jump
15 quick side shuffles left/15 quick side shuffles right
40 yard stride out (increase speed from 50-80% over the 5 sets)

Walk back to start real slow then repeat.

Focus on huge jump on broad jump. Land athletically!

Main run:

35 minutes of running progressively getting faster throughout the workout

First 20 minutes @ marathon pace. This should be at conversational pace.

Next 10 minutes @ slightly slower than your GNT race pace.

Last 5 minutes at faster than your GNT race pace. This should feel comfortably hard.


Finish up with an easy 5 minutes of walking and stretching, focusing on the muscles in the lower body. Be sure to hit your quads, hamstrings and calf. When you get the chance , roll out using a foam roller.