May 14, 2018 – GNT Run

May 14, 2018 – GNT Run


AK Athletes, we’re at race week! We will do a short taper towards the end of the week to allow us to perform at our peak come race day. You will notice slightly shorter workouts with bursts of race day efforts in each of the sessions.

After your run warm up and dynamic stretching routine, perform 5-10 sets of agility drills (ladder or cone drills), then:


4 sets of 50 meters building from slow to sprint over the 50 meters. Jog easy 150 meters before starting your next stride.

Main set: Perform all three components one after each other

5×30 seconds @ 10k race pace effort (slower than your GNT run race pace) with 1 minutes of easy jogging or walking between sets

5×30 seconds at GNT run race pace effort with 1 minute of easy jogging or walking between sets.


10 minutes of easy jogging at conversational pace

Cool down:

Two EASY laps around the track