June 26, 2018 – Run

June 26, 2018 – Run


Meet at Hanshew track @ 6pm


Start with the AK Athlete Warmup

If you are at track day we will then work through some agility drills

1200m @ 1/2 Marathon Pace
Rest 2 minutes

Then 3 sets of:

800m @ 10k Pace
rest 90 seconds
400m @ 5k Pace
Rest 90 seconds
400m @ Mile Pace
rest 2 minutes


Finish the workout with 2x 200m at Faster than mile pace but not all out sprint – hold good form (rest until fully recovered)

Total distance = 6400m

Pacing help:

useĀ This Calculator to calculate your paces or the following approximates (use the “training” numbers in the middle tab after entering a recent race result

Take your mile pace and divide by 4, use that number with the following additions for the following paces:

Easy + 40 seconds per 400

Marathon + 25 seconds per 400m

10k + 15 seconds per 400m (Threshold)

5k + 5 seconds per 400m (Interval)

Mile = baseline (number calculated above) (repetition)

Fast – 10 seconds per 400m

Sprint – go for it, don’t worry about time