August 6, 2018 – Swim

August 6, 2018 – Swim

AK Athletes, this week we begin our final 6 week training block of the training year. For those with races in September and October it is an opportunity to sharpen our speed and technique one final time before we ramp down for the off season. For those that are done racing for the season it is a great opportunity to continue training with and supporting fellow athletes as we close in on first complete year of training. Our swim workouts have been well attended and we continue to recruit new swimmers to our group openwater sessions. Come join us for the remaining few weeks while the water is still warm


Meeting at Little Campbell Lake at 6pm.

Workout: 3 Laps of the lake

Warm up:

Easy lap (800 yards)

Main Set:

1 lap (800 yards) Continuous pace

1 lap (800 yards) Fartlek style – swim the first 150-200 yards of each length faster than your race pace and then settle for the remainder of the length

Cool down:

1/2 lap (400 yards) Easy