November 5, 2018 – Launch

November 5, 2018 – Launch

Welcome back AK Athletes! Here is the schedule for the next few weeks. Sign up to our weekly newsletter HERE (this is our weekly email to let you know when, if and where group sessions are happing)

For now our programming schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Swim/Strength
Thursday: Bike
Friday: Run
Saturday: Swim
Sunday: Bike (or Brick)/Strength

Our schedule leading up to lava man will look as follows.

PREP (3 weeks)
BASE (4 weeks)
BUILD 1 (6 weeks)
BUILD 2 (5 weeks)
Peak (3 weeks)

If you are doing GNT or racing towards the summer, The Peak is still valuable, and we will reset after. Consider the Peak as a tester week and we will use that to benchmark for our summer programs.