November 7, 2018 – Swim/Strength

November 7, 2018 – Swim/Strength

As we begin posting swim workouts you will notice that we provide a range of intervals throughout the workout. This is to accommodate the varying abilities of our athletes. If you are new to swimming, begin with the minimum number of sets provided. As you become more comfortable in the water and want to increase your volume, you can start to add intervals to your sets. 

During the prep phase our primary goal in the water is to gain comfort and confidence in the water through constant repetition. Feel free to reach out to the coaches if and when you have specific swim questions.


Warm up:
300 EASY any stroke
4-6×50 – drill 25/swim 25 alternating between finger drag and thumb to thigh for drill

Main set:
5-10×25 build slow to fast with 10 sec rest 
100-400 steady pace
5-10×25 build slow to fast – 10 sec rest
100-400 steady pace

Cool down:
200 EASY any stroke

Total yards: 1050-2100

Fingertip drag: Swim freestyle normally, but during the recovery phase drag the tips of your fingers through the water. This drill emphasizes the high elbow recovery.

Thumb to thigh drill: this drill will help facilitate a proper and complete underwater pull. To perform this drill, when swimming, lightly drag your thumb past a spot down on your thigh. this will ensure that your arm is extended behind you. As you practice this skill you will develop the muscle memory of a full and complete pull during your freestyle swim stroke.


In later phases we will be transi􏰁oning out of the gym and into our race specific movements, but in the prep phase we want our strength workouts to drive home some key func􏰁onal pa􏰂erns that will accelerate your body’s ability to adapt and grow in later phases. This founda􏰁onal strength has high carryover to our ability to maintain our training intensi􏰁es and plays a large roll in remaining injury free. They have been programed to have the maximal effect for the minimal amount of 􏰁me we will be spending in the weight room.

4 rounds:
10 pillar to plank press ups, rest 30 seconds
20 single leg glute bridge

A: Box step ups
3×12-16 reps with dumbbells 
Rest 90 seconds 

B1: Goblet squats (3 second decent) 3×10; rest 30 seconds
B2: 3×5 pull-ups (weighted if possible); rest 2 minutes

C: Accumulate 4 minutes reverse plank (between two boxes or benches), a little weight would be ok