November 30, 2018 – Run

November 30, 2018 – Run


We’re going to bring back the progression run on alternating Friday run days. These are a fun and engaging way to break up a long run. In a progression run you start at a slow easy pace but finish at a fast pace. These types of runs are a great way to build in some speed during your long run days without any lasting fatigue.

Progression run: 30-45 min broken into thirds of 10/15 mins

Each third will be progressively faster than the previous third.

First 10/15 minutes: Zone 1 – conversational pace. Keep it easy

Second 10/15 minutes: Zone 2 or about your half marathon pace

Last 10/15 minutes: bump it up to just below your 10k pace


40-50 minutes of aerobic activity, fat biking, elliptical

Note: We know our athletes love to get out and do all kinds of outdoor activities when the conditions allow for it. So get out and play! The Base phase is a great time get out and spend time on the fat bike or on the skinny skis. Just remember to keep the intensity low – we’re building the foundations of our fitness early in the season.