January 12, 2019 – Bike/Strength

January 12, 2019 – Bike/Strength

Its Warming up outside finally! If you can get out and Ride!


Meet us at Crossfit Northern Exposure today at 5pm! ($5 drop in fee, free for CFNE members) – try to show up a few minutes early to sign a waiver if you haven’t come yet.


Every 60 seconds for 9 minutes
7 Clapping Pushups
14 Archer Ring Rows
28 Hollow Rocks

A1: Weighted pull-up

3×3.2.1 heavy + 1 set max reps no weight (10 second rest between clusters, shoot for 10-20 reps – so use a band if needed); rest 60 seconds

A2: RNT Split Squat

4×12 (total) @3111; rest 90 seconds

B: 4 sets for quality

20 back extension (banded on wall)

30 second single leg wall sit (each leg)

45-60 Second Ring Plank

Endurance Activity (Bike)

keep the endurance work today easy.

Suggested easy bike:
Warmup 10 minutes. Followed by 40-60 minutes of easy continuous activity

Cooldown: 10 minutes EASY