January 29, 2019 – Run

January 29, 2019 – Run


This week is our recovery week. That means if you’ve been strictly following our daily workouts or if your body is feeling beat up, complete two sets of the main set rather than 3.

Warm up:
10 minutes EASY jog followed by dynamic stretches

Main set:
1200m @ 1/2 Marathon Pace
Rest 2 minutes

Then 2-3 sets of:
800m @ 10k Pace
rest 90 seconds
400m @ 5k Pace
Rest 90 seconds
400m @ Mile Pace rest
2 minutes
Finish the workout with 2x 200m at Faster than mile pace but not all out sprint – hold good form (rest until fully recovered). Walk 200 between 200s

Total distance = 4800-6400m