February 3, 2019 – Bike/Strength

February 3, 2019 – Bike/Strength


SUPERBOWL SUNDAY CHANGE – earn that junk food and Meet us at Crossfit Northern Exposure today at 11:15AM! ($5 drop in fee, free for CFNE members) – try to show up a few minutes early to sign a waiver if you haven’t come yet.


Alternate 3 rounds with a partner. Partner not working spends rest time on bike or rower.
30m suitcase carry – each arm
20 reverse lunges
15 hollow rocks

A1: Prone ring row

3×8-10 @21×1; Rest 60 seconds
similar to two weeks ago but speeding up the movement – shoot for a harder angle this week!

A2: Box Step Ups (KB front rack loaded)

3 x 6-8 each leg (12-16 total) @2111; rest 90 seconds

B: 3-4 sets for quality

10 Single leg (each) box squats

10 Side plank rotations (each)

25 Banded good mornings

Endurance Activity (Bike. Hike. Ski)

This week we are encouraging you to get out side and bike, hike or ski. If you are outside, shoot for 65-80 minutes of activity or a little more. Keep the endurance work easy, throw in some hills but don’t let that heart rate soar past zone 3 for a long period of time.

Suggested TRAINER ride (if the weather is bad or you want to get more time on the road bike):

Warmup 10 minutes. (use our AK Athlete 4,3,2,1 warmup!)

Simulate 3-4 climbs (sets):
Bike for 6 minutes in a hard gear at 50-70rpm, but do not let the heart rate pass (190-Age).
4 minutes easy spin at 90 rpm between sets.

Cooldown: 5-10 minutes EASY