March 31, 2019 – Bike/Strength

March 31, 2019 – Bike/Strength

Good luck Lavaman Racers

GNT/Eagle River Bike
How is biking feeling? You should be comfortable building a little bit more time in the saddle. This week we are keeping the sets the same as last week but decreasing the easy spin between. Focus on smooth application of power and getting in good aerobic work.

10 minute warmup (use our 4,3,2,1 warmup routine!

4-5 x 1 minutes @ 90%FTP
(2-minute recoveries). Stay seated on each. 60-70 rpm.

Then ride 25 minutes in the heart rate 2-3 zones (FTP @70% app)


Strength @ 5pm – CrossFit Northern Exposure. $5 drop in.

Continuing our progressions this week (4th week)

3 rounds
10 goblet squat
20 shoulder taps
10 Scap Pullups

A1: RFE Split Squat
4 x 6-8 
rest 60
A2: Dumbell Row
4 x 8-10 each arm 
Rest 60

*increase weight from last week

3-4 rounds:
60 second wall sit (weighed)
15-20 calf raises
10 step downs
Suitcase carry (heavy)