AK ATHLETE offers holistic programming enabling athletes to reach their goals. We use the foundational principles and proven methods in sports performance to ensure increased capacity, maximum results and longevity.

Our current cycle is perfect for those training for general endurance but we will be getting a group of Alaskans ready for the LavaMan Olympic Distance Triathlon (March 25th) and Gold Nugget Sprint Triathlon (3rd week of May)



Lee is a recent Alaskan transplant and lifelong endurance athlete. Following a college rowing career, Lee transitioned into the world of triathlon and has since competed in all competitions from sprint to Ironman distance events. Together with Noel, Lee has a strong passion for providing athletes of all experience the knowledge and support needed to perform at their highest level. Lee’s core training philosophy that consistency breeds success is one that is shared by the AK Athlete team and is a fundamental element to their training program.


With a large athletic background, Noel started Coaching CrossFit and weightlifting in 2012 and continues to develop his love for all things fitness He is a nerd at heart and will probably write too many run on sentences trying to explain things in far too much detail. Along with a state record in powerlifting and multiple CrossFit state championships he tries to spend most of his summers and winters in the mountains.