Author: Lee McAuliffe

July 18, 2018 – Bike

July 18, 2018 – Bike

Bike/Run brick

This week’s group bike workout will be out at Kincaid. The plan is to ride the Jodhpur Loop 3-4 times. We will follow the ride with a short 15 minute run off the bike.

Meeting location: Parking lot on the east side of the Sand Lake road, Raspberry road intersection.

Warm up:

Make sure you complete the full bike warmup found at

We will do a warm up lap as a group from the parking lot to the Chalet and back.

Main Set:

1 hour of continuous riding at a comfortable pace.

During the 60 minutes aim for 5, one-minute intervals where you push the pace. A gradual hill on the Jodhpur Loop is a great place to do this.

Immediately following the 60 minutes on the bike, transition to your running gear and run 15 minutes at a comfortable pace. The first few minutes (or longer!) are going to feel uncomfortable but this is normal. Keep your turnover high and stay light on your feet. Try to minimize your transition time into running shoes to mimic race-like conditions.

Cool Down:

5-10 minutes of easy jogging or walking

Notes: If you tend to ride in a higher gear and a low cadence, gear down to an easier gear as you get ready to come into your transition and spin at a higher cadence. This will help you feel more comfortable as you transition to the run.

July 16, 2018 – Swim

July 16, 2018 – Swim


We will NOT have the buoys out for the swim workout this week, however there will still be a few of us down at the lake to swim. Come get some long steady strokes in as we prepare for the longer races in our race calendar.

Meeting at the Lake at 6pm.

Workout: 3 Laps of the lake

Warm up:

Easy lap (800 yards)

Main Set:

1 lap (800 yards) Continuous pace

1 lap (800 yards) Fartlek style – swim the first 150-200 yards of each length faster than your race pace and then settle for the remainder of the length

Cool down:

1/2 lap (400 yards) Easy

July 11, 2018 – Bike

July 11, 2018 – Bike


As a deload week the ride this week is an easy 90 minute ride and can be complete on a road or mountain bike.

If you are racing the Xterra Hammerman tri, get out on the bike course and become familiar with the course. Email Lee or Noel if you need the course map.


July 10, 2018 – Run

July 10, 2018 – Run


This week is a deload so we are going to work on extra mobility and agility to start off our session. Though the workout may not seem hard, focus on your breathing, recovery between sets, form and pacing. We have been working hard the last 5 weeks to build up our pacing – try to hit perfectly paced sets!

Meet at Hanshew track @ 6pm


Start with the AK Athlete Warmup

If you are at track day we will then work through an extended agility drills set

Main set:

2 sets of:

800m @ 1/2 marathon pace

Rest 60 seconds

800m (400 @ 1/2 marathon pace, 400 @ 10k pace)

Rest 60 seconds

800m (400 @ 1/2 marathon pace, 400 @ 5k pace)

Rest 3 minutes


Total distance = 4800 m


Pacing help:

useĀ This Calculator to calculate your paces or the following approximates (use the “training” numbers in the middle tab after entering a recent race result

Take your mile pace and divide by 4, use that number with the following additions for the following paces:

Easy + 40 seconds per 400

Marathon + 25 seconds per 400m

10k + 15 seconds per 400m (Threshold)

5k + 5 seconds per 400m (Interval)

Mile = baseline (number calculated above) (repetition)

Fast – 10 seconds per 400m

Sprint – go for it, don’t worry about time

July 9, 2018 – Swim

July 9, 2018 – Swim


Come join the crowd at Little Campbell Lake for our group openwater swim workout. We will have three buoys set up and coach Noel out on a kayak.

Meeting at the Lake at 6pm.

Workout focus:

During the warm up lap we will focus on sighting and drafting. We will spend the first 10-15 minutes after our warm up doing sighting drills and getting in the habit of sighting every 4-6 strokes.

Main set:

4 x 10-12 minutes with each set decreasing in duration and increasing in intensity.

Set 1: Easy warm up lap. Focus on sighting – get in the habit of sighting every 4-6 strokes.

Set 2: Three laps at aerobic endurance pace with a partner. Find someone about your pace and practice alternating the lead swimmer every lap.

Set 3: Two laps around the buoys. Building speed through each lap.

Set 4: Time trial style fast lap – swimmers starting in reverse speed order every 20 seconds.