What is AK Athlete?

We provide daily programming for increased performance. As we start, our focus will be on multi-sport workouts (swim, bike, run, strength). We want people to develop good habits of year (an life) long training. Stay on our program for base performance, and we will specifically build and taper for specific events such as the Lavaman and Gold Nugget, and Alaska State Championships in 2018.

We are also a podcast exploring the far reaches of Alaskan athletics and providing information to increase your performance. Check us out on iTunes!

Who is AK Athlete for?

All abilities and types of athletes are welcome. Our workouts will be programmed to allow beginners as well as advanced athletes to participate. Whether you are just trying to stay in shape, trying to increase your aerobic capacity or training for a race.

How do I participate?

Follow the online programming! We have created a plan so you can attack your workout with a purpose. We will also have group workouts so we can all train together – community fuels our fitness passion. Look at our Community Calendar for weekly workouts.

What can I expect/how do I plan my week?

Commit what you can. Usually, workouts shouldn’t last longer than 1 hour. Sunday evenings we will post the workout structure for the week. This will allow you to plan for the week as it will tell you which days we will program anchor and supplemental workouts and if those workouts are going to be swim, bike, run or strength. Supplemental workouts will give you options which can allow you to find some workout/life balance.

Daily workouts will be posted by 6 pm AKST the night before.

How do you program workouts?

Each week we program 3 Anchor Workouts and 3-4 Supplemental Workouts. The 3 Anchor workouts will target specific areas which are proven to make you faster and stronger on race day. The supplemental will build on the work we have laid down, and fine tune our machines. We recommend completing all the Anchor workouts each week. As time and recovery permit, plan on 2-3 supplementary workouts, focussing on areas in which you need additional growth. If you are just focusing on one area (for example biking alone) then you can perform just the bike workouts.

What are Zones?

At AK Athlete we strongly believe in training smarter. Common misconceptions are that you have to go “hard” every day, or you will not see results. We are in it for the long game, and specifically program to ensure maximum gains through zone training. Trust us, if you go hard every day you wont make it very long. If you google “training zones” you’ll receive a plethora of information. Its true, there are a lot of ways we can set zones. We will keep it simple in the programming and give you zones 1-5 per the picture below. If you want to set power zones or swimming zones based off of your testing, email noel@akathlete.com and we can get you lined out!

When will you be doing group workouts?

We will gather as a group and do one or more of the 3 Anchor Workouts each week. One of our training philosophies is that we grow stronger together –  iron sharpens iron. Community Calendar is the place that will house all of our upcoming group workouts, races, meetups, workshops, etc. You should be able to find the calendar events on every page (right-hand size for desktop and bottom for mobile), or follow the link above if you can’t seem to track it down!

Do I need to do the mobility?

Yes. We will program 2-4 mobility movements to complete 3x during the week. This can be done in front of the TV, after your cool down, or right before bed. Don’t let the cumulative effect of training creep up on you.  If you stay diligent with mobility, you will stay healthy.

I’m an endurance athlete, are the strength workouts really necessary?

Yes. Strength workouts will increase your speed and power while decreasing your likelihood of injury. As the season progresses there will be less strength work programmed, but through the prep and build phases we will be spending time building up our bodies to keep us healthy.  Consistency is the endurance skeleton key. If you are injured, consistency is difficult to attain. The workouts can be done at home by performing substitute movements, however, having access to weights will help.

I am not an endurance athlete but want to increase my aerobic capacity.

You may be a strength athlete, team sports player, CrossFitter, etc and just want to increase your ability to go long and do it strong. You have come to the right place. Each week we will be releasing up to 6 endurance based workouts – 2 each of swim bike run. Based off of your needs, abilities and time limitations you can pick and choose between the workouts. If you are consistent with the programming you will probably notice improved recovery and performance in your sport and an increased aerobic base. Swimming and biking can be a great way to build your engine and do it with relatively low impact on your body and training program.

Some of the workouts seem easy and slow?

Trust the process. The programming ensures that each training session optimises our endurance capacity. We want to eliminate “junk miles” and training in zones which are not beneficial. Some workouts will be difficult, some will be easy. Mentally, treat the easy workouts equal to the hard, as they are equally important to long-term success.

I’m busy, can I just complete the Anchor Workouts?

Life’s demands are different for each and every person. Whether it is the job or kids, poor sleep or a nagging body part – we understand. The foundation of this program will be the 3 Anchor Workouts that we program. Everyone’s goal should be to commit to these three key workouts. If you complete them you will get faster. As time and recovery permit, complete the Supplemental Workouts. These will be programmed to support the Anchor Workouts, add volume and sharpen us as athletes.

I am new to the sport, coming off an injury, or it’s been a while.

If you have an injury or are sick then rest is paramount. Focus on mobility, or maybe go for a walk that day. Nagging pain and injuries should be dealt with carefully. If you are new to triathlons or any of the movements there are several ways to scale.  We highly recommend cutting the volume that we program (scaling). This should be done on a workout by workout basis (Rather than doing two full workouts, it would be better to complete 4 half workouts). The way in which we program will ALWAYS allow you to decrease the volume or distance. We ask that you maintain the intensity we suggest if you are able. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Always attempt to complete the warm up and cool down, use good judgment if they seem like too much.
  • The full volume/mileage/time is for advanced athletes that have been training for several years. Intermediate athletes should do half to full, and novice athletes should start at the minimum prescribed volume.
  • If you start at the minimum, stick with this for 4 weeks then increase the volume slightly for another 4 weeks.
  • Trust the process and be patient, you will get stronger and faster – consistency is key (if you’re injured or too sore to train it’s tough to be consistent). Metabolically speaking, our bodies take some time to adapt and change – don’t try to argue with science.
  • Always see how you feel and monitor your recovery closely. If you have signs of overtraining consider backing off a little bit.

Please talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. AK ATHLETE provides resources only.