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AK Athlete Episode 8 – Jerry Ross – Alaska’s Endurance Legend

AK Athlete Episode 8 – Jerry Ross – Alaska’s Endurance Legend

Jerry is well known throughout the Alaskan Endurance community. Coach, Teacher, Record holder, marathon master, story teller – This is a mandatory listen in our book. If you want to train with Jerry sign up for his group training runs at Alaska Endurance Project and as always if you want to get stronger to go longer and are looking for a gym to go to check out Redox Crossfit

[0:00] Intros and bad jokes

[4:00] Where it all started. Stigmas around running

[10:00] Training growing up. Bringing that competitive fire into adulthood

[14:00] Some deep running thoughts – how running can make up a person’s being

[18:00] Jerry’s running resumé

[22:00] College running – the effect of coaching on an athletes passion

[28:00] Some thoughts on how to train – easy miles are OK

[35:00] More high school and college running – times, results, highlights

[40:00] Getting into marathoning – the next step in Jerry’s career

[42:00] 2003- tired of getting beat by “old guys” – first time breaking 2:45 in the Marathon

If you aren’t putting in the time or the distance, you don’t have the right to expect to win

[48:30] Dropping some numbers – Jerry’s marathon success

[50:00] Training to PR a 5k race – through the Alaskan winter – importance of a training cycle and taking time off

[56:30] Still training for marathons – breaking 2:30 – lessons learned

[59:30] MORE ACCOMPLISHMENTS – Jerry is a badass! The story of a windy Boston race.

[1:06:30] Setting the Lost Lake record

[1:12:00] Mental toughness in training

Jerry drops some knowledge bombs here!!

[1:19:20] Alaska Endurance Project – Programming talk and training philosophy

  • tempo, interval, aerobic, etc… nerd out with us
[1:39:00] Mountain running group

The biggest variable that will determine your success is how consistent you can be with your training

As always, check out AK Athlete if you are interested in free endurance/multi-sport programming including strength and conditioning work!


AK Athlete Episode 7 – Corbyn Jahn

AK Athlete Episode 7 – Corbyn Jahn

A force to be reckoned with, Corbyn is crushing the AK race circuit. Listen is as we discus training, lifestyle and racing. Don’t miss this episode, when Corbyn blows up, you’ll know where you heard it first.

As always, check out Redox Crossfit – you need to cross train. Whether you are a casual athlete or pro, time in the gym will prevent injury and keep you going for the long game. Redox has the best equipment, qualified coaches and stellar programming.

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AK ATHLETE Radio Episode 6 – Ryan Walsh

AK ATHLETE Radio Episode 6 – Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh is the head strength and conditioning coach at University Alaska Anchorage. He also is a strong dude! We were excited to have him on the show to talk about his athletic background and to pick his brain about how we can become better athletes. If you have never lifted, or have a large training age Ryan drops some knowledge bombs you don’t want to miss.

This Episode is brought to you by Redox CrossFit. Whether you need to improve your performance, take your fitness to the next level, or just start a routine – they can help you towards your goals.

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[0:00] Intros

[2:30] Ryan’s Athletic History

[8:30] Starting Lifting and Coaching at Humboldt – and gaining weight

[14:45] Getting started powerlifting

[24:15] Training for Powerlifting

[32:30] Addressing mobility with athletes

[36:00] Programming for athletes

[43:15] General vs Specific Strength

[52:00] Strength translates to success in sport

[57:45] Answering all the questions from the interwebz

[1:11:45] Training for older athletes

[1:15:00] Do I need to squat below parallel?

[1:24:00] Weightroom for mental toughness and confidence

Ryans resources to check out:

Power Athlete HQ

Cal Strength

Coach Ma / Ma strength

Mark Rippetoe

Don’t forget to check out our website, for daily workouts including upcoming community workouts and resources to improve your performance.