Episode 01 – Meredith Noble

Episode 01 – Meredith Noble

For our first episode of AK ATHLETE Radio we welcome Meredith Noble. Recently Meredith won the Soggy Bottom 110mile mountain bike race and kicks butt both in training and in life. Whether it is dialing in the details that go into training or building herself up as entrepreneur she is a must listen and a perfect first guest.

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0:00 Intro / AK Athlete programming

1:30 How ranching and tragedy can shape an athlete

5:00 How personality drives your choice of sports

8:00 The challenges of saying NO when training

9:45 What is the Soggy Bottom? Lesson learned – Never turn down bacon and tequila

12:00 Going from 21 miles to 110

16:30 Taking yourself too seriously, how to manage self inflicted expectations

“Its a long day to be in the Saddle to not be having fun” – Kay Sind

21:00 Race highlights

25:00 What does training look like

30:00 Injuries Suck – working and training around them

36:00 Knowing your body. Dialing in training through paying attention to the details

45:30 Balancing work and training.

51:30 Food and Diet – Secret breakfast recipe for performance

55:30 Fueling for endurance activities

1:00:30 Advice for others

1:02:30 future goals

1:05:00 Entrepreneur on fire!

Check out Meredith on Instagram @meredith.noble and www.alaskamovement.com and plan on joining her for Bacon Fest!

Here are the Podcasts she recommends:

  • AK ATHLETE RADIO (we think at least)
  • How I built this
  • Masters of Scale
  • The Pitch
  • HBR Ideacast

Don’t forget to check out our website, www.akathlete.com for more information on programming, upcoming community workouts and resources to improve your performance.

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