Episode 03 – Conor Deal

Episode 03 – Conor Deal

Conor Deal is crushing it right now. Placing 10th at the Alaska Man Extreme Triathlon and 26th at Mount Marathon he is the real.…Deal. Fostering his athletic talent Conor has turned his skills to mountain running and triathlons. Catch him out running, working his own business, or chugging coffee – or being the first dude on the podcast!

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[0:00] Intros

[3:30] Lost lake race review – running so fast he broke his shoelaces

[6:00] Ironman and Triathlon Distances Review

[11:30] Why did Conor sign up for Alaska Man

[15:45] Swim Review. Cold, cold water.

[19:20] “Once we started, it was nice”

[24:00] Transition 1 – Thawing and Eating

[26:00] Bike review – Secret Nutrition – Do Nut miss this part

[37:00] Friendly Faces at T2

[41:00] Running 6:30’/mile during a marathon

[43:00] Climbing a mountain at the end of a marathon (twice). Meeting that dark place

[47:00] Classic Rock and Support Crew saves the day

[52:30] Pushing to the finish

[1:00:00] Training this year – Heart rate based training leading to PRs all round

[1:05:00} Transition to Endurance – Trust the process

[1:08:30] Consistency and Mobility

[1:14:00] Conor’s life.

We just got new equipment! Bear with us until Episode 5, then we will surely be music to your ears.

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