Episode 06 – Ryan Walsh

Episode 06 – Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh is the head strength and conditioning coach at University Alaska Anchorage. He also is a strong dude! We were excited to have him on the show to talk about his athletic background and to pick his brain about how we can become better athletes. If you have never lifted, or have a large training age Ryan drops some knowledge bombs you don’t want to miss.

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[0:00] Intros

[2:30] Ryan’s Athletic History

[8:30] Starting Lifting and Coaching at Humboldt – and gaining weight

[14:45] Getting started powerlifting

[24:15] Training for Powerlifting

[32:30] Addressing mobility with athletes

[36:00] Programming for athletes

[43:15] General vs Specific Strength

[52:00] Strength translates to success in sport

[57:45] Answering all the questions from the interwebz

[1:11:45] Training for older athletes

[1:15:00] Do I need to squat below parallel?

[1:24:00] Weightroom for mental toughness and confidence

Ryans resources to check out:

Power Athlete HQ


Cal Strength

Coach Ma / Ma strength


Mark Rippetoe

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