Episode 04 – Pam Dreyer

Episode 04 – Pam Dreyer

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AK ATHLETE welcomes our first Olympian to the show – 2006 Bronze Medalist Pam Dreyer. Pam grew up a hockey player, and from 10 years old knew she would go to the Olympics. Similar to last weeks guest she has fallen prey to the triathlon addiction. Listen in as we discuss her Olympic and IronMan experience. If you ever struggle with your mental game, Pam is a must listen – she is a tough cookie!

If you are in need of a Health Coach, or want more information on her company Epic Evolution contact her at 907-230-8388

We just got new equipment! Bear with us until Episode 5, then we will surely be music to your ears.

[0:00] Intros/AK ATHLETE Programming and

[5:30] AK Athlete’s first Olympian. Recovery from Lake Placid IronMan

[9:30] A big 2017 race season for Pam!

[13:20] Where it all started. Hockey talk.

[15:00] Mental toughness and Pam’s routine

[18:30] College Hockey at Brown

[25:30] Transition into the Olympics

[33:00] Blowing out her shoulder and the comeback

[47:00] The emotions behind wining an Olympic Medal

[49:15] What do you do after the Olympics

[51:40] Transition into endurance activities

[1:00:00] Learning to swim for a Triathlon

[1:09:00] Challenges of training in the Arctic – in a 12meter pool!

[1:14:00] What is on the Horizon in 2018

[1:18:50] Nutrition during the long races

[1:31:00] EPIC EVOLUTION – Pam’s health coaching company, inspiring people to health.

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