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Episode 11 – Dr. Tew – The Movement Clinic

Episode 11 – Dr. Tew – The Movement Clinic

Dr. Tew was raised in Anchorage, graduating from East High School and completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. He then graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon.  In 2012 he received his CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) certification and has been working with various high school sports teams as well as local adult league volleyball teams and elite, world class athletes ever since.  When not working, he enjoys snow machining during the winter months and spends the majority of summer weekends out hiking, camping and fishing.

Listen in as we talk through some of the things that can improve your ability to perform, thrive, or live pain free.

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Episode 10 – Gina Ciolkosz – Wild and Well Fed

Episode 10 – Gina Ciolkosz – Wild and Well Fed

10 EPISODES IN. Thank you for listening to and supporting our amazing guests.

We have had some pretty amazing guests on the show. This week is no different. Gina Ciolkosz, plain and simple, kicks ass. Not only a wizard in the kitchen, she has some serious knowledge on all things food and health. Today she shares some really practical applications to ensure you succeed in life – as an athlete, working mom, or stressed and small business owner (or all of the above!). Remember, she can cook FOR you, cheaper than you can eat out. And we promise you’ll notice the difference in how you look, feel and perform.

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Gina has a Bachelor’s of Science in Physiology from the University of Wyoming and is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Health Coach. For the past six years, she has lived in Alaska, where she can’t get enough of the active Alaskan lifestyle that for her includes hunting, fishing, hiking, and the occasional weekend race.  She loves to cook for people and enjoys the challenge of making healthy food taste delicious. Her family includes two young boys, two packgoats, and a rambunctious Weimaraner, as well as a very patient husband

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Episode 09 – Olympic Physical Therapist Zuzana Rogers

Episode 09 – Olympic Physical Therapist Zuzana Rogers

Episode 9 is a must listen – packed with all you need to know to stay healthy over the long term.

Zuzana was born and raised in Slovakia, has a master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Washington, Doctorate of Science (ScD) in physical therapy at the Texas Tech and her dissertation focus was on sports injury prevention in adolescent athletes.

Recently Zuzana was the only American to receive a Sports Physiotherapy Diploma Program through International Olympic Committee, a worldwide program designed for physical therapist working with elite athletes, and will be working with Olympic athletes this winter!

A former member of the Czechoslovak and Slovak National Ski Teams, she is actively involved in the Alaska’s sports community as an athlete, coach and a volunteer physical therapist. Zuzana leads Advanced Physical Therapy’s Sports Physical Therapy Program, which provides outreach support to community, professional and recreational athletes. Her passion in sports rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement reflects on her work with the U. S. National Cross-Country Ski Team, Alaska Pacific University Ski Team and many additional sports clubs in Anchorage. She travels with the US Ski Team to cover Cross-Country World Cup every year. Moreover, she has presented at many workshops regarding sports injury prevention, especially in adolescent population.


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Episode 08 – Jerry Ross – Alaska’s Endurance Legend

Episode 08 – Jerry Ross – Alaska’s Endurance Legend

Jerry is well known throughout the Alaskan Endurance community. Coach, Teacher, Record holder, marathon master, story teller – This is a mandatory listen in our book. If you want to train with Jerry sign up for his group training runs at Alaska Endurance Project and as always if you want to get stronger to go longer and are looking for a gym to go to check out Redox Crossfit

[0:00] Intros and bad jokes

[4:00] Where it all started. Stigmas around running

[10:00] Training growing up. Bringing that competitive fire into adulthood

[14:00] Some deep running thoughts – how running can make up a person’s being

[18:00] Jerry’s running resumé

[22:00] College running – the effect of coaching on an athletes passion

[28:00] Some thoughts on how to train – easy miles are OK

[35:00] More high school and college running – times, results, highlights

[40:00] Getting into marathoning – the next step in Jerry’s career

[42:00] 2003- tired of getting beat by “old guys” – first time breaking 2:45 in the Marathon

If you aren’t putting in the time or the distance, you don’t have the right to expect to win

[48:30] Dropping some numbers – Jerry’s marathon success

[50:00] Training to PR a 5k race – through the Alaskan winter – importance of a training cycle and taking time off

[56:30] Still training for marathons – breaking 2:30 – lessons learned

[59:30] MORE ACCOMPLISHMENTS – Jerry is a badass! The story of a windy Boston race.

[1:06:30] Setting the Lost Lake record

[1:12:00] Mental toughness in training

Jerry drops some knowledge bombs here!!

[1:19:20] Alaska Endurance Project – Programming talk and training philosophy

  • tempo, interval, aerobic, etc… nerd out with us
[1:39:00] Mountain running group

The biggest variable that will determine your success is how consistent you can be with your training

As always, check out AK Athlete if you are interested in free endurance/multi-sport programming including strength and conditioning work!


Episode 07 – Corbyn Jahn

Episode 07 – Corbyn Jahn

A force to be reckoned with, Corbyn is crushing the AK race circuit. Listen is as we discus training, lifestyle and racing. Don’t miss this episode, when Corbyn blows up, you’ll know where you heard it first.

As always, check out Redox Crossfit – you need to cross train. Whether you are a casual athlete or pro, time in the gym will prevent injury and keep you going for the long game. Redox has the best equipment, qualified coaches and stellar programming.

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