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Weekly Schedule. Consistency

Weekly Schedule. Consistency

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When life gets in the way.

Currently it is 5am (I dragged myself out of bed diligently and reluctantly) and on my way to do some easy endurance work I remembered that I had forgotten to email YOU – my favorite people. But it brings up a good topic, so settle in with a good cup of coffee and lets talk. 

Lee and I talk about consistency all the time (podcast, group session, in our sleep) but what does this actually look like? Does it mean never missing a workout? Does it mean never having something pop up and get in the way? Does it mean that we always “take it easy” during our training sessions?

I’ll define consistency as performing the things necessary to reach ones goals more often than not. Lee shot me a really cool photo of someone’s FTP (power used in biking) curve over the past 8 YEARS of consistent work. Guess what that curve looked like – yep it went up to impressive number. This guy could generate some watts! Nothing fancy, nothing hardcore, just putting in the work. No crazy workouts, nothing super clever – just showing up.

Think about consistency and longevity as related. Whether you are shooting for longevity in life or in sport you need to be consistent in the things that drive you to that goal. You don’t ALWAYS have to bike, run, swim or strength, but maybe you focus on hydration for the day if you feel you need a break. Or a little meditation/visualization if life is stressing you out. Perhaps you foam roll for 5 minutes. Don’t worry about all the social media workout FADS – don’t think you need to do 3 workouts per day. Just buckle down and keep putting in the time year after year. When you DONT want to do something – remember SOMETHING is always infinitely better than NOTHING.

Just a little something, day in – day out. I’m skipping my endurance work this morning, opting for a 10 minute walk after I send this email because I find VALUE in you – See you in 20 years, strong as ever. 

Group Sessions for this Week
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Thursday 6pm @ Cathe’s Garage 
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Sunday 5pm @ Crossfit Northern Exposure