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Episode 15 – CrossFit Alaska and Northern Exposure

Episode 15 – CrossFit Alaska and Northern Exposure

Listen in as we chat with the owners of Crossfit Alaska (Kelly Linebarger) and Northern Exposure (Roy Wollgast).

If you have already started CrossFit this podcast has a ton of information to help you get to that next goal faster!

If you haven’t started or are kind of suspicious take a listen to help you understand what this whole CrossFit world is like.

CrossFit is no longer a trend – it is here to stay and not only does it churn out some legit athletes, it is making a serious impact on the fitness community as a whole. Built on a platform of foundational movement it brings the novel idea that the needs of people vary by degree but not by kind. Grandma needs to get off the toilet (I.e. squat) as much as the soccer player needs to have great coordination and agility.

Episode 02 – Tiffiny Wohlers

Episode 02 – Tiffiny Wohlers

For our second episode of AK ATHLETE Radio we welcome Tiffiny Wohlers. A powerlifter turned Olympic weightlifter, Tiffiny recently won the American Open Series 2 and placed 5th at the USAW National Championships. Tiffiny is on a roll and has her eyes set on American records and beyond.

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[0:00] Intro

[2:30] Weightlifting Community in Alaska

[4:00] How CrossFit started it all

[5:30] Powerlifting vs. Weightlifting and crossing over

[10:30] Making gains – where does it come from? Cant sweat the technique

[15:00] Seeking out American Records

[16:00] Athletic Background

[21:00] Turning IF’s into What’s next

[25:00] Weightlifting talk – gamesmanship, strategy, and meet performance

[27:40] Dealing with pressure and performance as a new up and coming lifter

[33:15] Missing lifts

[35:00] What Tiffiny is doing for training

[41:00] Working a full time job and training

[42:30] Mobility and Recovery

[46:00] Nutrition

[56:00] What drives her, importance of a support group, how to push through

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