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AK method – Prep Phase 1

AK method – Prep Phase 1

“But my race isn’t until March, do I need to train now?”Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Life happens every day. Getting in better shape and becoming a better version of yourself doesn’t just happen because you run a 12 week cycle for a triathlon. We are committed to providing the highest quality daily programming, ensuring you are prepared to execute come race day and any day. Prepare and Execute is not just a cute saying. Whether you are getting ready for Lavaman 2018, Gold Nugget 2018 or just to increase your aerobic capacity you have reached the right place – trust the process.

11th September 2017 – 12th Nov 2017 


The prep phase will consist of 8 weeks of training preparations. In this phase we will prepare our bodies for the upcoming demands of the base and build phases. “The wider the base, the taller the pyramid.”  Diligence in training, recovery, diet and sleep will establish habits which will pay dividends in the future phases. This is where we start dialing in our metabolic processes. Weight room, Aerobic Endurance and speed skills will be hammered into submission. Let’s Party.


  1. Develop functional strength
  2. Improve cardiovascular function
  3. Prepare our bodies for higher threshold intensities
  4. Enhance movement and biological endurance economy



In later phases we will be transitioning out of the gym and into our race specific movements, but in the prep phase we want our strength workouts to drive home some key functional patterns that will accelerate your body’s ability to adapt and grow in later phases. This foundational strength has high carryover to our ability to maintain our training intensities and plays a large roll in remaining injury free. They have been programed to have the maximal effect for the minimal amount of time we will be spending in the weightroom.


Now is a great time to start to build our aerobic threshold – our ability to go long and do it strong. These workouts may “feel” slow, but trust the process. Our bodies take some time to adapt, and we are laying down the framework for the biological endurance powerhouse that you are creating. We are also increasing our movement economy and aerobic efficiency.


These workouts will improve your mechanical efficiency which allow us to train hard without as much breakdown once we start picking up volume and pace. Technique based training sessions may not beat you up, but they are etching their results into your neural pathways ensuring that on race day you show up as a finely tuned machine.

Test Week 8

Week 8 is exciting. The data gathered this week will determine the intensities we use through the Base 1 and 2 phases, ensuring that our workouts achieve the most bang for the buck. Because your time is valuable, we are using the latest in sports training methodologies to maximize the physiological effects of each workout, without beating you to a pulp.