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September 24, 2017

September 24, 2017

Supplemental bike or S&C


Warmup: 15 minute bike WU routine

Workout: 10-35 minutes at Zone 2

Cooldown: 10 minutes at Zone 1

Notes: Zone 1 is easy spin, Zone 2 should be something that is sustainable for about 2 hours (just at or above conversation level) Maintain gear ratio that can be maintained for warm up through the entire workout. Maintain a cadence between 85-90 rpm. This may be higher than what you are used to but is the ideal cadence to be riding. Over time this will become more comfortable and efficient.


Let’s stay moving today, we are going to get some solid movement patterning in today. Stay warm, minimize rest but prioritize form.

10 min biking, running, rowing
accumulate 3 minutes hold in a deep squat (no weight)
4 rounds
60 seconds 4-way deadbug (bend knees to 90 degrees for this)
10 single leg deadlift (10 each leg, none to very light weight)

5 sets:
5 power cleans (all 5 sets at 60-70% perceived effort)
5 front squats (using the same power clean weight)
5 bent over row
rest 60 seconds
* if no barbell – use dumbells, if no dumbells – perform 10 jumping squats followed by 10 burpees

3 sets:
60 seconds alternating Cossack squats (no weight or very light weight)
30 seconds jump switch lunges (watch video for tips, if unable to maintain form then perform reverse lunges if needed)
60 seconds rest

60 seconds hip extensions (or supermans with 2 second hold)
60 seconds plank from elbows (every 10 seconds maximally squeeze glutes, then pull elbows to toes for 3 seconds)
Rest 60 seconds
50 seconds hip/back extensions
50 seconds plank from elbows w/ contraction
rest 50 seconds
40 seconds….and so on through 10 seconds of each.