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Episode 02 – Tiffiny Wohlers

Episode 02 – Tiffiny Wohlers

For our second episode of AK ATHLETE Radio we welcome Tiffiny Wohlers. A powerlifter turned Olympic weightlifter, Tiffiny recently won the American Open Series 2 and placed 5th at the USAW National Championships. Tiffiny is on a roll and has her eyes set on American records and beyond.

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[0:00] Intro

[2:30] Weightlifting Community in Alaska

[4:00] How CrossFit started it all

[5:30] Powerlifting vs. Weightlifting and crossing over

[10:30] Making gains – where does it come from? Cant sweat the technique

[15:00] Seeking out American Records

[16:00] Athletic Background

[21:00] Turning IF’s into What’s next

[25:00] Weightlifting talk – gamesmanship, strategy, and meet performance

[27:40] Dealing with pressure and performance as a new up and coming lifter

[33:15] Missing lifts

[35:00] What Tiffiny is doing for training

[41:00] Working a full time job and training

[42:30] Mobility and Recovery

[46:00] Nutrition

[56:00] What drives her, importance of a support group, how to push through

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