March 14, 2018 – GNT Bike

March 14, 2018 – GNT Bike

Lets keep up the good bike work crew! it takes time to develop a high rpm cadence but don’t worry it will come with time – try to hit the number if possible, but be careful not to get the heart rate too hard.

After the bike warmup

3x 0:30 single leg pedaling (each leg)

2-3 sets:
8 minutes at low Z2 effort (75 RPM)
2 minutes Easy Z1 effort (85 RPM)

5 min @ Z1 easy spin Cool down and roll out.

Bike Zone notes:
Zone 3: 1 hour race pace, a few words, but heavy breathing, steady effort but working hard
Zone 2: sustainable for several hours, short sentences, but clear talking
Zone 1: very little resistance while pedaling, full conversations